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Bacterial wound infection affects over 100 million people worldwide including:
  • 50 million diabetics with chronic wounds
  • 11 million patients with burns
  • 5 million patients with surgical wounds

Existing wound infection treatments mainly rely on antibiotics that are inefficient towards drug-resistant bacteria and silver-based wound dressings that often cause skin irritation, delay wound healing, and inactivate bacteria only partially, leading to reoccurring infections and amputations.

Bacterial wound infections cause 10 million amputations every year.


Nanordica Medical has invented and patented nanotechnology that provides 8 times better treatment of infected wounds compared to the standard of care. Efficiency was confirmed by the North Estonia Medical Centre.

Nanordica Medical nanotechnology can be used to manufacture a wide range of antibacterial products like wound dressings, sprays, creams, catheters, or surface coatings.

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8x better treatment of infected wounds compared to the standard of care
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Patented antibacterial nanotechnology
Drug-resistant Icon
Effective against drug-resistant bacteria
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Faster wound closure
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Environmentally friendly
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Multifunctional: can be used in wound dressings, sprays, on surfaces

As the first product, we developed advanced antibacterial wound dressing. We completed preclinical studies and started a pilot clinical study on patients with diabetic foot ulcers in the largest Estonian hospital.

Advanced Antibacterial Wound Dressing
Indications for Nanordica wound dressing:
  • Prophylactic use to avoid infection
  • All types of infected wounds including:
    • Diabetic foot and foot ulcers
    • Burns
    • Surgical wounds
    • Dirty traumatic wounds
    • Inflammed wounds
Properties of Nanordica wound dressing:
  • Unique patented composition of nanofibers and antibacterial nanoparticles
  • Inactivates 99.999% drug-resistant bacteria
  • Significantly improves wound healing
  • Does not contain traditional antibiotics
  • Cost effective and long-lasting
  • Breathable hypoallergenic
  • Available in different sized and with or without adherence
Development Stage
Stage I — Completed
Research & development, prototypes, IP
Antibacterial nanotechnology Lab prototypes Industrial manufacturing In vitro and in vivo testing Provisional patent
Stage II — Ongoing
Clinical evaluation, product-market fit, CE marking
Product-market fit Commercialization plan Pilot clinical study Validated business model Large-scale clinical study CE marking
Stage III — Planned
Full IP protection Partnering with distributors Reimbursement Scale up of sales
Collaborations and Funding
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Open to collaboration for:
  • Clinical studies and use cases
  • Licensing of underlying antibacterial technology
Olesja Bondarenko
Olesja Bondarenko, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
International experience in deep tech and leadership.
Meelis Kadaja
Meelis Kadaja, PhD, MBA
Chief Business Officer
Top Scandinavian business developer.
Anna Liisa Kubo
Anna-Liisa Kubo, PhD
Managing director
Brought several biotech products from lab to the market.
Grigory Vasiliev
Grigory Vasiliev, MD, PhD
Chief Clinical Officer
Infectious disease specialist. Practicing MD.
Andres Valkna
Andres Valkna, PhD
Product Developer
Serial biotech entrepreneur.

About Nanordica
Nanordica Medical OÜ is a healthtech startup developing advanced antibacterial products. Our competitive edge is our unique technology, a mixture of antibacterial nanoparticles that was developed as a result of over 10 years of research. Our technology potentiates silver, the „gold standard“ antibacterial agent currently used in medical devices, enabling to achieve superior antibacterial effect. Our first product is antibacterial wound dressing for infected wounds.
Nanordica Medical is a spin-off of the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (Estonia).
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